Besides wasanbon toh, other products with unique flavors are also manufactured.

  • Awa Sanbon-toh
  • Wasanbon-toh Syrup
  • Arare-toh(rock sugar)
  • Shiroshita-toh(coarse sugar)

Wasanbon-toh powder 和三盆糖(粉)

The bag in the above picture contains 500 grams of wasanbon toh. It is often used in cooking at home or in coffee. If a mold is available, we can make dry confectionery ourselves.

Dry confectionery 和三盆糖型物(干菓子)

Dry confectionery made of Awa wasanbon toh. Wasanbon toh is the only ingredient used. Since no thickening nor dye is added, it looks somewhat fragile and unattractive. But you can fully enjoy the original taste of wasanbon toh.