What is Awa wasanbon toh?

Wasanbon toh is one of the few domestic sugars manufactured using sugar cane called "Chikutoh"(also called "Hoso-kibi(thin sugar cane)"), which is produced in Tokushima prefecture and in one part of Kagawa prefecture. Machines are not used in the manufacturing process.

Wasanbon toh produced in Tokushima prefecture is called "Awa wasanbon toh". The main production area is the northern part of Kamiita-cho in Itano county in the Tokushima prefecture, which is located on the southern slope of the Asan mountains.

They first started growing sugar cane in this area more than two hundred years ago. Before the war it was produced in large quantities as an ordinary domestic sugar. As they started to import cheaper refined sugar from abroad, the number of sugar makers decreased. Wasanbon toh is now mainly used for making Japanese sweets.

The uniqueness of wasanbon toh is in its fine taste which has more than just sweetness. Its special flavor and taste are quite rare in the world, the reasons why it has continued to be produced even in a climate that is not necessarily suited for producing sugar cane.

For further details, please refer to "The production centers and the history".