Kamaba: Hiyashi-kame: cooling, crystalization

The process of making Awa wasanbon toh: Cooling with a"Hiyashi-kame(cooling ceramic pot)"

When cooled in the cooling pot, the juice thickens and becomes pasty. As it still contains much heat, it is moved into an unglazed pot called "Hiyashi-kame(cooling ceramic pot)" and left out for further cooling and crystalization. The above picture shows the juice being cooled in a "Hiyashi-kame".

The juice gradually becomes light brown and half-solid and is later moved into a large barrel for storage. In cold winter temperatures, the top part completely solidifies.

Before being refined into Wasanbon-Toh this coarse sugar is called "Shiroshita -Toh". It literally means "sugar before it becomes white".

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  • Shimeba 1. Extracting juice from sugar cane
  • Kamaba 2. Aragama: removing the bitterness
  • Kamaba 3. Sumashioke: removing mud and sand
  • Kamaba 4. Nakagama, Agegama, Hiyashi-gama: boiling down and cooling
  • Kamaba 5. Hiyashi-kame: cooling, crystalization
  • Seihoba 6. Aragake: separating syrup from sugar(first time)
  • Seihoba 7. Togi: refining sugar by separating the syrup repeatedly
  • Seihoba 8. crushing and drying